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Author Dinesh D’souza is off on many points, but this one is dead on: the very things that Muslims hate about the west are the very same things that evangelical Christians rally against. I don’t recommend D’souza’s book “The Enemy at Home: The Cultural Left and Its Responsibility for 9/11,” but in it he states rather poignantly that Muslims are not really against “the West” as much as they are against “the liberal West.”


Now I understand that even if every single American were rock solid, bible believing, conscientious, consistent follower of good conservative values, Muslims would still want to blow us all to hell (Allah be praised). This is first because we are not Muslims, and anyone born and raised in Islamic culture has their own “Poor Richard’s Almanac“ where they chant the Arabic equivalent of “For Allah I will do my best; Kill the Jew and hate the West.” Johnnie Cochran couldn’t do any better. And both are equally good at burying the facts. So let’s get some out there.


On values, it appears the Muslims are right. The (liberal) west is an “anything goes” world, and aside from just living decently, conservatives have done little to persuade liberals that they should shun their decadent ways. Well, maybe lib’s just don’t get it; To understand “decadent” means you have to have “values,” and “anything goes” isn’t really a “value,” per se. Just like Osama Bin Laden, I am against having rampant sex shoved in our faces on TV, the internet, and print. Just like OBL, I’m against homosexuality, not only because of it’s clear prohibition in the bible, but because any sane person can see the “natural” order of things doesn’t lend itself very well to homosexuals; even Darwin would agree. There’s also abortion and adultery, OBL and I are probably of one accord there too.


That’s part of the problem of freedom: people indeed choose things that are self-injurious while thumbing their nose at those who might try to “save” them. Wow, that word sure has a particularly religious flavor to it, doesn’t it? Some people don’t want to be “saved,” and Christians (and God) seem to respect their decisions, and let them eat the consequences. If you’re a sleaze, you get a disease.


Well, one thing Islam appears to create is “order.” In some cases it does a very good job. An acquaintance who lived in Saudi Arabia for four years told me you could leave a brand new car with the keys in the ignition, a hot CD player and a stack of CD’s in the passenger seat parked in front of your hotel and be virtually guaranteed that it would all be there in the morning. Something about losing your digits is a very persuasive deterrent to stealing.


There is a huge fact missing. The world is broken. Christians call it “fallen.” No amount of rules will fix it. In fact “the rules” generally point out that it can’t ever be totally fixed. Any rational person can give a nod to this one. I’m assuming there are a few thinking Muslims who will consider that to be accurate.


That doesn’t mean we throw in the towel and dive headlong into our most hedonistic tendencies. Not only is that generally self-injurious, but there is value (there’s that word again) in redeeming the good out of the world. There is no fatwah (religious mandate) that will perfect anything. That is good news: Muslims will eventually find that the many rules in the Koran do not deliver, and the deeper you go into Islam, the more you find that it is futile. Martyrdom (the only guaranteed way to Islamic paradise) seems an appealing choice.


God – the Father of Jesus – loves his followers enough to give them a choice to love Him or not. He doesn’t want robots who obey His commands. He hopes that Christians will listen to His promptings in a personal relationship with Him, and choose a better way. And he understands that people aren’t perfect. Allah doesn’t give anyone a choice. God says, “Whoever believes … will be saved.” Allah says, those who do not submit will be slaughtered [the Hadith: Tabari VI:143, Ishaq 222]. Jesus says, “I will forgive you all your sins.” Allah says I will crush you.


The only Islamic appeal (a more orderly society) is really an empty one, because you can’t mandate a perfect society. You can’t dictate a human heart to submit. Only a heart that willingly submits to Jesus’ offer can be made good by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.


The bible says, “it was for freedom that Christ has set us free.” (Galatians 5:1). Do you want new life in Jesus Christ? It’s free.


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Greetings again,

I haven’t written in awhile. Seems life is alternately precious and cumbersome, and the details sometimes push their way into prominence, and the weight of critical thinking is put on simmer.

Recently I heard a Christian contemporary song that included the word “Savior.”  It occurred to me, relating as I do to potential Muslim readers, that there is probably no equivalent concept in the Koran for this word “Savior,” because as far as I can tell, Allah isn’t in the “Savior” business. I guess if you’ve got his message (the Qu’ran) and the traditions (Hadiths), you’ve got enough knowledge to be dangerous; because the only guaranteed way to heaven is martyrdom.

My God (the God of the Bible) values life. That’s his FREE gift to us. Life is to be lived to His glory and our benefit if we choose His easy ways. No pressure. Just complete forgiveness for all time through the grace given by Jesus’ sacrifice. My salvation is secure; Jesus saves. (There’s that “savior” idea).

Do you have any clue how peaceful that is?

If I don’t pray 5 times a day, He doesn’t condemn me. Now he would LOVE to hear from me MORE than five times a day, but I’m not on his black list if I don’t. I will be blessed if I do.

I don’t have to make any pilgrimage at all, because as a believer in Jesus, His Holy Spirit resides in me, and guides me as often as I choose to yield my will and listen to Him.

Sure I give (alms, if you will), but I’m not under threat if I don’t. I LOVE to give out of gratitude for what He has done for me; He’s saved me completely! (There’s that “savior” concept again). Not only that, but I like to honor God by giving my time to others too. I share a part of my life’s energy benefiting them, because God smiles when I do.

The bible also talks about fasting, though most Christians don’t do it. Jesus doesn’t DEMAND it, though he recommends it as a way of getting closer to Him. Any sort of yielding is done to build a RELATIONSHIP with Him. He loves me and blesses me as I honor him. But I’m not going to hell if I don’t. He just wants me to keep my focus on Him, and not things.

As for who God is, and who his Messenger is, I would only ask this: Who has a history of bringing LIFE? Who really lived out “peace?”

It’s the one who took the “death penalty” FOR me, rose again, and offers LIFE to me (and you) freely if we say “yes.”

Can you possibly trust someone so generous? God doesn’t need us, so there’s no ulterior motive where He’s just waiting to stick it to us if we don’t jump through His hoops. He just loves us. There is genuinely no compulsion with God; He loves freely, and is waiting for you to say “yes” to new life in Jesus.

So what do YOU think of the idea of “Savior?”

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God Completely Satisfies

Jihadists are never satisfied. Saudi Scholar Dr. Walid Al-Rashudi recently said, “By Allah, we will not be satisfied even if all the Jews are killed.” See? I though wiping out the Jews would accomplish much in Muslim grievances, and restore all things so that we can knock off with all this suicide bombing stuff. Well, I did sense it’s deeper than that. There is a daily soul craving that blowing yourself up for Allah doesn’t seem to satisfy. There is always some other “Great Satan” to blow up. I wondered to myself today if Jihadists have enough human bombs to finally and completely purify the earth once and for all.

  Nope. They don’t. Not because our will is more strong than theirs (right now it isn’t anyway), but rather because there will always be some spot of impurity in the world. Always. If the whole human race was wiped out except for two Muslims, I think one would kill the other for being impure.

 Note to westerners: this is THE reason they do what they do. We are such an affront to them they have to keep on cleaning us spots off the earth. The dirt of us kaffirs (unbelievers) still walking around just blows their mind (pun intended) and, inspired by the words of Mohammed and the Koran, they feel a deep desire to be the world’s dustbuster (pun intended).

 Why don’t Christians do this? We have far better resources here in the West, and greater access to decent bomb making materials, a good chunk of money, and the ability to fly them around the globe. How come Christians don’t give their all to cleanse the earth of all unrighteousness?

 In a nutshell: we know we can’t (get us or the world clean) and we don’t have to. What Muslims read in the Koran as their duty – subjugating or killing all infidels –  Christians know is both an impossibility and unnecessary. It is impossible because in your heart of hearts you know something is wrong with people in general. There is not a perfect person on earth. So what do you do with that? Kill everyone? Would Allah be pleased with that level of commitment? What kind of “compassionate, merciful” god is that?

 Now, any Muslim reading this might say, “Unnecessary? Why that would just let unbelievers run rampant, and their evil might take over the world!” Those same Muslims – maybe you – need to know that Jesus Christ does the purification, gradually, from the inside out. No sharia law will ever make you clean, yet if you accept God’s free offer of salvation, you have God’s Holy Spirit in you. Not a set of rules that you need to consult in anguish and frustration as you once again displease God, but an ongoing real relationship with the Creator of the Universe in which He takes care of the filth in our life, forgives us, and then guides us. Of course, any Christian is free to not listen to His voice, but since He is all wise and all knowing, ignoring Him is probably not the best decision.

 God knew ahead of time that living here on earth could be very frustrating. Shoot, He did it Himself when He came down in the form of a human: Jesus. He knows first hand the struggles you go through trying to lead a Holy life, only he managed to not sin while He was here, so it is safe to say He knows The Way. He is The Way. About purity: He knows you can’t do it, and He came up with a way around that issue: He decided to take your punishment for you. Do you deserve a consequence from a Holy God for all your wrongdoing? Yes. If you believe that Jesus took it all for you, you will never have to worry that you’re not “pure enough.” Never again. That burden is lifted from you, and you are free to live; To really live.


My perception is that Muslims live in fear. Fear that they are “not good enough,” and they always have to be more and more zealous in order to please Allah. That’s why the closer one gets to the Koran or Mohammed, the more fervent one gets about purifying the earth. But there’s only one catch: it’s impossible. And you know it is.

 Christians accept that God has “done the dirty work” of cleaning up, because they know He’s the only one who can. That is why a relationship with Him really satisfies. He loves me so much, that I want to honor him with my life, not because I have to in order to gain His favor (and I could never do enough anyway), but because I am so joyful for what He’s done for me that I can’t help but thank Him by giving him reverence as much as possible. He gives me real power to love others in spite of intense challenges. He makes me want to tell others how incredible He is.


If you want to “get right with God,” you need to simply pray,

 God, I know I can’t live a totally perfect life, no matter how much I try. I realize that You have provided away for me to get right with You, by accepting the sacrifice Your Son Jesus paid for me. I accept what You’ve done, I give you my life, and I ask Your Holy Spirit to come live inside me, and guide me forever.

If you prayed that prayer, you are a part of God’s family: a “Christian,” and that will never be taken away from you. Now isn’t that totally satisfying? Get a bible or right now check out www.BibleGateway.com and try reading through the book of John (just type “John” in the keyword search). That is the beautiful true story of God’s love for you, with some incredible examples from Jesus Himself on what living a Holy Life looks like, and He didn’t blow anyone up. Check it for yourself. Mohammed killed and instructed to kill. Jesus didn’t kill anyone, and He is the Author of Life. Do you want life for yourself? Follow Him. 

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Obama’s here in Puget Sound to spread hope and love everywhere. Recently he said, 

Obama’s here in Puget Sound to spread hope and love everywhere. Recently he said, 

 “Once I’m elected, I want to organize a summit in the Muslim world, with all the heads of state, to have an honest discussion about ways to bridge the gap that grows every day between Muslims and the West.” 

** Insert Star Trek’s “red alert” siren here! ** This statement alone shows that Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t get it. Muslims everywhere know the score, and they know how to beat us. They will beat us if we follow Obama’s lead. Liberals everywhere think they know the score. Most don’t. Most are not even close.  

The Muslim world wants Islam to rule, period. That IS their issue. With “true” Islam, there is no line between secular and sacred, or religion and politics. It is all the same; Islam is all. Liberals think they have an economic grievance, and that is why they go all “jihad” on us, because the West is the haves and they’re the have-nots. Well that is not true. The followers of Osama Bin Laden are well educated. They’re not kooks, they’re smart, clever, extremely devout Muslims. Bin Laden’s father was one of the wealthiest men in the Saudi kingdom; and the Mohammed Bin Laden “clan” (or “tribe”) is over 100,000 strong. There is a disproportionate amount of doctors, lawyers, and engineers in their ranks. Bin Laden’s lieutenant – currently in Iraq – Ayman al-Zawahiri is a surgeon! It’s not economic, although al-Jazeera cameras usually find the poorest areas to get the best shots.  

So what other discussion could Obama have with “all the heads of state” in the Muslim world? The whole Palestine issue? That’s not it either, but Muslims will use as a ruse to get another step up on what they want. The oil rich Arab states could rescue the Palestinians in an instant, take them in as refugees, improve their standards of life, and be worldwide heroes. But Arab leaders from Saudi Arabia to Iran prefer to make sure the Palestinians stay poor. The more destitute they are, the more sympathetic we suckers in the West are, the more we give them what they want. Muslims (and not just radicals) consider the Jews to be squatters on Arab land. Never mind that Abraham (who the Koran recognizes as one of their respected ancestors) was on the land 4,173 years ago, Moses (who the Koran also recognizes as one of their respected ancestors) inherited the land by God’s ordinance 3,453 years ago, and Mohammed first trod his little angry feet on the earth on Saudi Arabian soil only 1,420 years ago. There have always been Arab peoples living in the area that is now Israel, but since the time of Mohammed – get this Obama – they don’t want any deal that includes any Israel, and until Arabs own all of it, they will not relent. For them, the “Zionist Entity” is an filthy, disgusting embarrassment, and it cannot be allowed to exist.  

Here at home, the only way any US president could appease the jihadists is to chuck the US constitution, and impose by force strict shariah law. Strict shariah law. Because if it’s not strict enough, Muslims eat their own! Anwar Sadat tried to walk the line, and institute a party system of government in mostly Muslim Egypt; His body was riddled with bullets by the Muslim Brotherhood for visiting Israel.  

The real thrust of all of their grievances is that the world  does not line up with Islam’s order. Because the world doesn’t line up, the estimated 200 million “radicals” out there must make it line up. This is the gap that Obama wants to “discuss” with all the heads of state. And make no mistake, for them there is no discussion; you’re either in the dar al-Islam (house of Islam) or dar al-Harb (house of war).   

Any US President or Presidential candidate must understand this.  

My bet is Muslims everywhere would love to sit down and talk with Obama. For a long long time too. It is part of their game plan, and adheres flawlessly with their idea of taquiyya (religious deception). They will do anything to stall off US actions that might stop their relentless pursuit of global Islamic domination. Remember, Hitler sat down at the bargaining table again and again, and I’m sure he laughed on his way out. He would have been proud of these “true Muslims.” When Iran gets a nuke, Hitler will snicker from hell as his dream of extinguishing the Jews finally comes true.  

Yes, Obama is big on hope. He is bankrupt on comprehension. 

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